Too many words.

The thing about RPing for Homestuck is that people will often make their character fall into a fandom cliche.

Such examples would be Karkat seemingly knowing no words other than ‘FUCKASS’ or Eridan flirting with everything that comes within reaching distance of him or Roxy being incoherent and basically just stupid. It’s wrong. The more you avoid fandom cliches, the more likely people will take you seriously as a writer/roleplayer. 

It’s probably harsh but ninety eight percent of the time if a Karkat starts with a ‘HEY FUCKASS’ you’re going to want to get the fuck out of there. It shows that you haven’t put a lot of thought into your character or what you’re doing in general, and that’s definitely a mistake.

So basically try to be as original as possible. If you’re unsure, study your character’s pesterlogs. I really can’t reinforce that enough. If you do that at the very least you’ll get their language and typing style right, which is a good start and will already put you ahead of fifty percent of the RPers out there. 

That’s it, for now.

A disclaimer.

I’m not the final authority on these characters and everything I say will mostly be opinion, for you to take as seriously as you so wish. 

This blog is purely here to help, not criticize, and if you disagree with anything said then you’re more than welcome to say so.

With that out of the way, I’ll get on with what I’m here for.